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Montfort Vitrac

A haven of peace in Perigord


De magnifiques parcs et jardins en Dordogne

Our guest house is in the charming hamlet of Montfort, dominated by its magnificent château overlooking the Dordogne.

The castle has a long history. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times since 866. It has had 3 owners: Bernard de Casnac and Simon de Montfort, as well as its current owner Ghaith Pharaon. Unfortunately, the castle is still private and not open to visitors.

But the village has other treasures to offer. With its narrow streets restored in 2013, Montfort is now only accessible on foot. A picnic area with a few tables and a view of the Dordogne has been set up a hundred metres from the house, at a place called ‘La Roche percée’. When the sun sets, its subdued light casts a play of shadows on the rock, while the last rays try to make their way through the foliage of the walnut trees on the other side of the road. Stunning!

At the end of this area, you can take the ‘chemin des pêcheurs’ (fishermen’s path), which leads to the river bank and above all to the old wash-house, which was also renovated the same year.