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Domme, Porte des Tours

A bastide, a belvedere


A bastide town in the Perigord Noir, Domme is perched on a vertiginous cliff overlooking the Dordogne valley. It offers a breathtaking viewpoint from which you can see La Roque-Gageac, Beynac and even the Château de Montfort!

Domme also tells the story of the Templars who were imprisoned in the Porte des Tours in 1307. They left numerous graffiti there, moving testimonies to their faith. 7 paintings were engraved, all linked to religious iconography and delivering a mysterious message that no-one has been able to decipher to this day. Perhaps these engravings conceal the Spiritual Treasure of the famous Knights of the Order of the Temple…

The village itself has a main thoroughfare leading from the village square to the lookout point. There are a number of stalls selling arts and crafts and local produce. Don’t hesitate to lose yourself in the picturesque narrow streets, and walk along the belvedere to a garden and a mill.

We like to go there regularly, whatever the season! Distance from La Barde: 15 minutes

In the off-season, you can easily park in one of the car parks at the top of the village. In summer, the village becomes difficult to access, so you’ll find it easier to park in the very large car park at the foot of the hill and take the little train up to the village.

There are many points of interest: the church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, the guided tour of the Knights Templar, the magnificent views from the Bastide, the grotto, the bookshop, the ice cream parlour…