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The little Venice of the Perigord


In the Perigord Vert region, Brantôme captivates us from the moment we arrive with the beauty and power of its abbey. Built by Benedictine monks in the 7th and 8th centuries, this troglodyte edifice has a section built into the cliff.

You can visit it on your own thanks to a map and a number of highly informative panels with commentary. You’ll notice a dozen caves in the cliffs where the monks had built their boiler room, wash house, mill and dovecote. Along the way, you’ll also admire the grotto of the Last Judgement, a testament to the spirituality that animated their community for over a thousand years.

To round off the walk in style, don’t hesitate to visit the bell tower of the abbey church, certainly the oldest bell tower in France, which has the unusual feature of being built, not on the church, but on the 12-metre-high rocky outcrop.

A small island 300 metres in diameter formed by the Dronne, Brantôme has been given the name of ‘Venice of the Périgord’. Now is the time to visit the town in a different way, by boat. Once you’ve got your feet back on the ground, cross the Dronne on one of its charming little bridges and visit this delightful village and its many craft shops.


Distance depuis La Barde: 2 heures

Brantôme is a treasure trove of treasures. We decided to visit the town for its unusual charm, encircled by water, and we discovered an imposing architecture that leaves you speechless. Once past the door of this majestic building, we were surprised to discover this troglodytic space and above all the mysterious and impressive grotto of the Last Judgement.