Surrounding area • Caves, chasms and prehistory

National Museum of Prehistory

Discovering the oldest traces of our ancestors

National Museum of Prehistory

Located in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, the ‘world capital of prehistory’, the National Museum of Prehistory invites you to take a tour of the various sites in the Vézère valley, discovering the oldest traces left by man. Along the way, visitors will learn about the origins of mankind and the major stages in the development of the human race.

They will then discover the various collections, covering furniture (objects with ornamentation), the environment (animals), man, tools, ornaments and burials. Visiting these oldest elements in a museum with modern architecture makes it surprising.

The museum is open to visitors all year round.

Numerous themed tours, workshops and exhibitions are on offer for all to enjoy!


Distance from La Barde: 30 minutes