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Pech Merle Cave


The art of Origins

Pech Merle prehistory centre and cave

The lower galleries of the prehistoric Pech Merle cave were discovered in 1922 by 2 teenagers. Listed as a Historic Monument, it has been open to the public since 1926.

It is of fundamental geological interest because of all the stages in its formation, which took place over several million years: digging by water corrosion, collapses, stalactites, stalagmites and columns, draperies, gours, etc.

A veritable memory of the Earth, Pech Merle also boasts a number of incredible prehistoric works of art, the best known of which are the ‘punctuated horses’. These are perfectly well preserved and representative of all the techniques and subjects of cave art.

We visited it for you ! Distance from La Barde: 1 heure 20

Thanks to the very well-preserved works, it’s easier to discern their lines, which makes for a very interesting visit. Some of the drawings evoke a symbolism that is sometimes difficult to explain, giving the cave a mystical atmosphere. Maybe you’ll feel it too!