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Font de Gaume

Superb Palaeolithic sanctuary

Font de Gaume

Located in Les Eyzies, Font de Gaume is one of the finest Palaeolithic sanctuaries in the world. Over its 120-metre length, you will discover 3 lateral galleries and numerous painted or engraved figurations of bison, horses, mammoths and reindeer, etc. This artistic evidence is generally associated with the Magdalenian period (15,000 BC).

The cave’s first occupants were bears, followed by Neanderthals and, more recently, modern humans. In addition to various fragments of medieval doorways, recent use of the cave is attested by graffiti from the period.

To get to the various galleries, you’ll feel like real explorers, passing through sometimes winding galleries, from 3m to just 1.5m wide, with localised narrowings like the Rubicon.


We’ve visited it for you ! Distance from La Barde: 30 minutes