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Maison Forte de Reignac

Unusual and mysterious cliff castle

Maison Forte de Reignac

The fortified house of Reignac is the most secret castle in Perigord. Leaning against the cliffs, you can feel the history that emanates from it as you approach. Built in the 15th century on a site previously occupied in prehistoric times, it was inhabited until the 20th century. Reignac is a fantastic site! The only one of its kind in France, this Maison Forte reveals many treasures along the way that must be discovered!

Preserved in exceptional condition and fully furnished in period style, it is the only completely intact ‘cliff castle’ type monument in France. It has always been closed to the public, but it is only since 2006 that visitors have had the chance to explore it.

Surprisingly, Reignac is much more spacious than it first appears, much to the delight of visitors! In addition to its magnificent living rooms, it also conceals underground and overhead spaces. At the end of the visit, an optional exhibition of international renown on the theme of torture and the death penalty takes place in a dedicated area.

We visited it for you ! Distance from La Barde: 40 minutes