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Château de Puymartin

the legend of the White Lady

Château de Puymartin

Built in the 13th century and destroyed during the Hundred Years’ War, the Château was rebuilt in 1450 by Rodolphe de Saint-Clar. Since that time, Puymartin has belonged to the same family, which has endured numerous conflicts, wars and discord.

The fact that the Château has remained in the same family explains the presence of numerous family heirlooms, furniture, tapestries and paintings. During your visit, you’ll even discover a Mythological Cabinet, unique in the Périgord; mythological scenes depicted in frescoes on wooden panels, which will certainly remind you a little of those in our night hall.

Puymartin is a very fine château, furnished in the period and featuring pretty turrets. It is best known for the spirit that is said to haunt its north tower, that of the Lady in White. Thérèse de Saint-Clar was imprisoned in this tower by her jealous husband, died there and was walled up. Her ghost has already appeared… Perhaps you too will feel her presence…

Distance from La Barde: 20 minutes