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Château de Hautefort

Prestigious and majestic

Château de Hautefort

Once a medieval fortress, Hautefort castle was transformed into a pleasure residence in the 17th century, and today houses a superb collection of period furniture. Hautefort’s classicism makes it look much more like a Loire château than one of the region’s fortified castles. Its imposing, majestic silhouette reflects the rank and power of its lords.

The tour begins with an ascent of the Renaissance double spiral staircase, followed by a succession of rooms, each more beautiful than the last. The visitor’s eyes are filled with surprise and delight.

Outside the Château, on a ten-hectare site, you can admire and stroll through the French garden and the English park designed by the Count of Choulot in the 19th century; gardens revisited by the Baron and Baroness de Bastard in the 20th century, who chose to make room for boxwood and topiary art.

Hôtel Dieu, Hautefort medical museum

If your day isn’t quite over after visiting the Château, head to the small town of Hautefort to discover the Hôtel Dieu. This museum of medicine is unique in the Aquitaine region, and quite impressive too! It explores medicine from the 17th century to the present day, showing the extraordinary evolution of medical science over 4 centuries.

Distance from La Barde: 1 heure 10