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Les Jardins de l’imaginaire

To be explored like a storybook

Les Jardins de l’imaginaire

With its 6 hectares and 13 paintings, this tourist and cultural site combines the art of gardens with the history of humanity since Roman times. Passing through the entrance gates to these gardens is like plunging into a work of art, a magnificent painting of a surprising and bewitching landscape where water, the movement of the wind, terraces, plants and perspectives all come together!

After visiting these gardens, it would be unthinkable to leave without a visit to the picturesque village of Terrasson, with its sloping streets and typical architecture, ending with its sublime ‘Saint Sour Church’ and town hall.


Distance from La Barde: 55 minutes

This type of garden is unique in Europe, which makes it particularly interesting! Our advice to you would be not to visit it like a traditional garden, but to explore it like a storybook. Are you wondering about the importance of a guided tour? It’s absolutely essential on this site: to understand how the garden was designed, by whom, what its history is and, above all, how to approach it!