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Le Roc de Cazelle

Reconstructing the lives of our ancestors

Le Roc de Cazelle

A prehistoric park, the Roc de Cazelle allows visitors to discover the life of their ancestors in the very places where they lived. Inhabited since time immemorial, the site was first inhabited in prehistoric times, then excavated and converted into a fortified castle in the Middle Ages, and finally reused and transformed into civilian housing at the turn of the century.

The site can be explored through more than 100 figures and animals in numerous reconstructions of scenes from life. First of all, you’ll walk along the rock shelters, through the caves and visit the dwellings of our great grandparents. You’ll also see an impressive collection of tools and weapons carved by prehistoric man 12,000 years ago.

The walk ends with a visit to the farm and its animals, as well as various workshops for children. Every afternoon during the summer (except Saturdays), children can try their hand at painting and flint knapping, propulsor shooting and fire lighting.

It’s a visit that’s sure to please families with children: characters, animal calls in the forest, a trail with secret passages…

As well as the various workshops on offer, the visit itself is great fun: ‘where is that animal?’, animal calls in the forest, an ‘adventure’ trail through the caves and secret passages reserved for children, not forgetting the photo of cro-magnon men! The presence of the characters and the explanatory panels encourage them to think about the lives of their ancestors.


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