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Discovering the goose


Every year, Sarlat celebrates the emblem of its region: the goose! Throughout the medieval town, you’ll find local craftsmen and producers at a host of demonstration and tasting stands, as well as flocks of geese wandering through the town!

The little extra? The banda that livens up the streets of the town and sets the mood! In fact, it’s the main attraction at the Saturday evening ‘bodég’oie’, held in the Place de la Liberté. Plates of ‘all goose’ manchons, rillettes, aiguillettes and hearts, cheeses, walnut cakes and Bergerac wines are served all evening under heated marquees! One of the best evenings in Sarlat!

All day long on Sunday, you’ll be able to try your hand at a range of activities, including discovering goslings, egg decorating and old-fashioned games provided by Ringueta. It’s sure to be a great day out!